Sunday, 20 April 2014


I remember the taste
the scrumptious meat.
Biting into flesh
Life was a treat.

I remember the look
the face that smiled
the one that said
‘are you buying me for a dime’?

A favour, I did
Let you die with a slit.
A favour I did
You’ll be re-born with wit.

Why? We all need to survive
If not you, I’d die
Why? The plants don’t cry?
If not you, why must they die?

One day I saw
One day I heard.
One day I choked.
With an unsought sight.

Eat a human. We all need to survive
If not you, I’d die.
Why? The animals don’t cry?
If not you, why must they die?

My senses are sensitive
Little more than the cow
If I butcher my own
I'd cry on just the sound.
Little more than the spinach
If you butcher her
Her friends would hate that screeching sound.

It’s because she’s hurt
It’s because she’s crying
It’s because they know
They’re next in line.

Hey Hey, human!
Yelps every animal.
Eat me if you must.
Just kill me quick.
Hear my dying wish.

I’d like some food.
A place to rest.
(I'd like to live)
Let my folks not see
While you butcher me to death.
I promise- I'll still be your best friend.

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If possible, please watch at least 50% of this educative clip, if you aren't prepared to physically visit a factory farm yourself, just yet.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

What A Girl Doesn't Need

It's the 21st century, sure. The world talks about the diminishing gender bias, increasing equality, dying male chauvinism - so much so, that it is almost passé to hear someone advocate gender equality.

But is it really?

Recently, I had an evening planned with a friend. It's a pleasure to catch up once in a while. In the 20 miles drive to the restaurant, we touched upon world politics, economics, career graphs, the word!

Soon we were looking on, as the subtely-lit surround outside the restaurant welcomed us. Taking the steps out, I caught a sudden dismay set upon his face, a feeling of regret- while he rummaged through sections of his bag pack and a pocket or two. He had left behind his wallet.

I smiled with the knowledge that it wasn't lost but much to my awakening, I saw the side of the XY chromosome which had previously only appeared in speeches. Speeches, I would fast-forward. Yes, the dismay was less about the forgotten wallet and more from the guilt that it was I, who was going to be the one to sign the bill.

I felt sympathetic, seeing in his eyes- fatigue from querying possible ways that could get back the means he desired. Words of assurance reminding him of the usefulness of women handbags- that we were well covered for the evening, did not comfort him.

Chivalry sure can charm but chivalrous is also a man who can, just as easily pride in being looked after, as can he pleasure, in looking after.

Should stripping a man of the right and ability to control, leave him in a state of discomfort that only the return of those very elements, can fix?