Sunday, 16 February 2014

What A Girl Doesn't Need

It's the 21st century, sure. The world talks about the diminishing gender bias, increasing equality, dying male chauvinism - so much so, that it is almost passé to hear someone advocate gender equality.

But is it really?

Recently, I had an evening planned with a friend. It's a pleasure to catch up once in a while. In the 20 miles drive to the restaurant, we touched upon world politics, economics, career graphs, the word!

Soon we were looking on, as the subtely-lit surround outside the restaurant welcomed us. Taking the steps out, I caught a sudden dismay set upon his face, a feeling of regret- while he rummaged through sections of his bag pack and a pocket or two. He had left behind his wallet.

I smiled with the knowledge that it wasn't lost but much to my awakening, I saw the side of the XY chromosome which had previously only appeared in speeches. Speeches, I would fast-forward. Yes, the dismay was less about the forgotten wallet and more from the guilt that it was I, who was going to be the one to sign the bill.

I felt sympathetic, seeing in his eyes- fatigue from querying possible ways that could get back the means he desired. Words of assurance reminding him of the usefulness of women handbags- that we were well covered for the evening, did not comfort him.

Chivalry sure can charm but chivalrous is also a man who can, just as easily pride in being looked after, as can he pleasure, in looking after.

Should stripping a man of the right and ability to control, leave him in a state of discomfort that only the return of those very elements, can fix?